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Honey & Gourmandises

Your first contact with the products of the hive is first and foremost a gourmandize: The golden honey smoothness.

Acacia, Chestnut, Lavender.... These nectars are available in this category: find them directly at home, for the simple pleasure of your taste buds or their extraordinary virtues!

The food lovers discover a wide selection of gastronomic products, which have in common the passion of products of the hive.

All our range of honey ... for the taste buds and countless properties!
Candy, nougat and lollipops made of honey to lapse into one's second childhood!
Small sweet pleasures for all family !
You cannot do without it!
To spreads or for snacks, you share these salty delights with family or friends!
Put a little honey on the plate!
For big fans ... consume with moderation!