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Pure Propolis

From plant buds and then transformed by the worker bees, Propolis represents several advantages for humans !
Find the range of "Propolis Intense" of Propolia® which restores you the best of Propolis.
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Organic Propolis tincture Propolia

14.90 EUR 


All the quality of Propolia's formulas, with an organic certification

ULTRA Propolis Powder Propolia
from 13.90€


Discover ULTRA Powder, 100% propolis extracts.

Pure Propolis chunks Propolia

12.00 EUR 


A propolis of exceptional purity, for many applications! 

Ultra Propolis Capsules Propolia
from 13.5€


ULTRA Propolis Capsules without charcoal

Propolis active powder Propolia

9.50 EUR 


Not only for soft dermal application!

Propolis Solution Propolia
12.50 EUR
12.50 EUR 


PROMOTION: 1 Propolis Solution Bought = 1 Propolis Solution Offered.

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Promotion available from 20/09/2017 to 14/10/2017.

A recognized hygiene product for your gums, mouth and skin.

Propolis Mother Tincture Propolia

13.90 EUR 


Find all the qualities of Propolis in this Mother Tincture.

Propolis and olive oil solution Propolia

11.50 EUR 


Combine the sweetness of the olive oil and the extraordinary activity of propolis for dermal application.

Propolis & Thyme purifying Oral Spray Propolia
9.90 EUR
8.90 EUR 


Without any doubt the most cleansing product for your throat.