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Mouth & Throat

We have selected products specially formulated to protect you from outside attacks can happen orally.

Find out in this range : Gums, sprays and syrups Propolia® allowing you to make the most of the qualities of Propolis and Honey.

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Dental & mouth care bag Propolia

19.90 EUR 

Mouthwash Propolia

12.80 EUR 

A clean and fresh mouth, all natural & Cosmos Organic certified !

SOS Mouth & Teeth Care Propolia

12.80 EUR 

A recognized hygiene product for your gums and mouth.

Propolis Pastilles Propolia
from 5.2€

Honey Propolis Gums: a must for the mouth, available in 6 different flavors. For the whole family!
NEW ! Plum & Cherry

Organic Propolis & Thyme soothing Oral Spray Propolia

11.10 EUR 

The most concentrated oral spray from the Propolia brand... in an organic formula!

Propolis & Organic Fresh Oral Spray Propolia

11.80 EUR 

Throat and Health Syrup Propolia

12.30 EUR 

A natural Propolis syrup, soothing your throat and contributing to your well-being.

Organic Throat and Relaxation Syrup Propolia

12.90 EUR 

Pectoral syrup with propolis. Ideal for relaxing before bedtime.


Propolis Chewing Gum Propolia

2.90 EUR 

Unique Propolis Chewing Gum and finely flavored. Mint or cinnamon. A real delight!

Propolis Toothpaste Propolia

6.60 EUR 

The whole strength of Propolis and plants in a toothpaste recommended for breath and gums.

Propolis & Thyme soothing Oral Spray Propolia

10.10 EUR 

Without any doubt the most cleansing product for your throat.

Pure Organic Propolis chunks Propolia

15.20 EUR 

A propolis selected for its quality and purity, crafted in an exclusive one-dose shape. 

Pure Propolis chunks Propolia

12.30 EUR 

A propolis of exceptional purity, for many applications! 

Dual Action Tablets Propolia

11.50 EUR 

Propolis and Acerola: an explosive mixture!


19.40 EUR 


19.40 EUR