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Sprays, balms... a full range of products Propolia® to fight against respiratory discomfort moments.
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 4 Seasons Balm Propolia
13.90 EUR
10.90 EUR 


The freshness in every season

Propolis and Eucalyptus Purifying Nasal Spray Propolia
8.50 EUR
6.90 EUR 


All the purifying power of propolis in a spray for immediate action.

Soft Nasal Spray - Organic Propolis & Horsetail Propolia

8.90 EUR 


The gentle sanitizing action of Oraganic propolis: Nasal hygiene for the whole family!

Organic Throat and Relaxation Syrup Propolia

12.90 EUR 


Pectoral syrup with propolis. Ideal for relaxing before bedtime.