Life is not always a bed of roses ... We have selected the Propolia® products with natural formulas combining products from the hive and vegetable ingredients for you to enjoy your days and evenings in peace !

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Organic Relaxation and Sleep Infusion Propolia

6.70 EUR 

The sweet savors of propolis and plants are spreading to help you get a good night.

Organic Digestion Infusion Propolia

7.00 EUR 

Sweet flavor and a unique formula containing propolis and plants. To help you digest!

P.A.P.A Capsules Propolia
from 12.30€

Propolis, Clay, Pollen and Seaweed: This preventive complex will help your body defences.

Organic Throat and Relaxation Syrup Propolia

12.90 EUR 

Pectoral syrup with propolis. Ideal for relaxing before bedtime.