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Energy & Vitality

A tiredness? Find a range of products for your everyday tone.
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Vital Energy Propolia
from 12.50€ per jar


All the benefits of products from the hive associated with plants, to boost your energy and to prevent external attacks.

Tonic Potion Propolia

12.80 EUR 


Tonic Potion, the perfect companion to your days throughout the year !

Dual Action Tablets Propolia

11.50 EUR 


Propolis and Acerola: an explosive mixture!

Propolis Mother Tincture Propolia

14.20 EUR 


Find all the qualities of Propolis in this Mother Tincture.

Ultra Propolis Capsules Propolia
from 13.5€


ULTRA Propolis Capsules without charcoal

Honey Royal Jelly Propolis Complex Miellerie du Salagou

12.00 EUR 

Miellerie du Salagou

This is dynamite !

Organic Propolis tincture Propolia

15.20 EUR 


All the quality of Propolia's formulas, with an organic certification