For your personal hygiene, we have selected the Propolia® products. Enjoy so all the sweetness of the products of the hive in soaps, shower gels ...
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Organic Mild shower gel Propolia

8.10 EUR 


A brand new shower gel from Propolia, with a soft scent and a SLS-free formula. Available in different sizes !

Active Shower Gel Propolia

8.70 EUR 


Daily skin care with citrus flavor.

Certified Organic Active Soap Propolia

5.90 EUR 


Enjoy all the qualities of the hive ... 

Organic Intimate Hygiene Gel Propolia

14.20 EUR 


Comfort and softness for your privacy !

Mild Hands soap Propolia

7.50 EUR 


100% natural soaps that make your hands soft and silky. 

Purifying Hand Soap Propolia

7.90 EUR 


A 100% natural soap Propolis and Rosemary to make your hands soft and silky.

Active Soap Propolia

5.00 EUR 


Propolis, Honey and Shea: so simple and yet so active!

 Le goût du miel

4.90 EUR 

Propolis Toothpaste Propolia

6.60 EUR 


The whole strength of Propolis and plants in a toothpaste recommended for breath and gums.