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Body care

We offer a selection of Propolia® products specially adapted to the maintenance of the skin and prevent skin damage.

Find the best of Propolis, dedicated to your body and skin care.

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Body care selection Propolia

24.90 EUR 

A nice body care selection in a little organic cotton bag  !

Skin care gel Propolia
10.90 EUR
7.50 EUR 

Organic Active Balm Propolia
13.90 EUR
10.90 EUR 

Concentration of active ingredients of the hive. To care damaged skin.

Organic Body Lotion Propolia

15.50 EUR 

To feed and care your skin every day.

Organic Hand Creme Propolia

11.20 EUR 

Recover hands softness and freshness  all year round.

Organic Calming Oil Propolia

9.20 EUR 

A Heat stroke too much for your skin? Soothing oil will calm him down.

Organic Roll-on Deodorant Propolia
9.90 EUR
7.90 EUR 

Fresh deodorant with antiperspirant Alum stone.

Propolis active powder Propolia

9.80 EUR 

Propolis and olive oil solution Propolia

11.80 EUR 

Combine the sweetness of the olive oil and the extraordinary activity of propolis for dermal application.

Lip Balm Propolia

5.70 EUR 

The best natural active and restorative substances for the care of your lips.

Melting massage balms Propolia
12.90 EUR
7.90 EUR 

Ayurveda's traditions inspired Propolia to create 3 organic massage balms, made with beeswax, vegetable oils and perfumes that will take you to a delicious journey.