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Hair care

The richness of nature and bee products dedicated to the care of your hair from root to tip !

Find in this category, products with gentle formulations for shiny hair that's full of vitality.
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Hair conditioner Propolia

11.20 EUR 



Feeling soft, shiny and without knots? Extend the capillary experience Propolia with this Hair conditioner. 


Organic Mild Shampoo Propolia

10.20 EUR 


Sweet aromas of honey and coconut for organic shampoo with volumizing effects. Available in different sizes !

Hair and Nails Capsules Propolia

16.90 EUR 



Regenerate your natural beauty and prevent hair loss.

Organic Shampoo

12.20 EUR 

The Propolis shampoo: a must for demanding scalps. Organic Certified. 

Organic Hair Mask Propolia

18.50 EUR 


Amazing nourishing and detangling mask!