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Face : Purifying products

The combination of products from the hive and plant products for the facial care.

Find also the virtues of royal jelly, propolis, honey and pollen in these purifying care for feel beautiful when you wake up!
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SOS Imperfections Propolia

13.50 EUR 


A whole new formula, for a correcting action on rashes

Organic Facial Scrub « Grains of Dreams» Propolia

14.90 EUR 


An organic and apricot flavored scrub... so delicious, that you are tempted to eat it!

Organic Face Mask « Mysterious Purity » Propolia

16.90 EUR 


A multi active ingredients mask for skin care: cleanse, moisturize, soothe, he knows (almost) everything!

Organic Tonic Lotion « Dew of the Hesperides » Propolia

15.90 EUR 


The organic tonic lotion of Propolia: a refreshing pleasure for everybody.

Organic Cleansing Milk « Secret Revelations» Propolia

17.90 EUR 


Remove your makeup in an infinite sweetness...

Active Soap Propolia

5.00 EUR 


Propolis, Honey and Shea: so simple and yet so active!