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Candy store

Candy, nougat and lollipops made of honey to lapse into one's second childhood! 
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Honey candy Confiserie Boudet

3.90 EUR 

Confiserie Boudet

Natural honey sweets, available in 6 different flavors!

Caramel Gingerbread Confiserie Boudet

1.20 EUR 

Confiserie Boudet

A melting sweetness...

Honey Lollipop Miellerie du Salagou
from 0.70€

Miellerie du Salagou

Natural or with propolis. Lollipops which are good taste buds!

Honey Nougat Savour Miel

3.50 EUR 

Savour Miel

Traditional tender confectionery

Crispy Sesame Apidis

1.00 EUR 


Four little treats of caramel and sesame with a hint of honey .

Chique - traditional honey lollipop Confiserie Boudet

1.50 EUR 

Confiserie Boudet

NEW ! A sweet & traditional treat for all ages !