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Cakes & Pastries

We offer a range of cakes and pastries (cookies, gingerbread ...) with honey for the greed of the family.

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Crispy Sesame Apidis

1.00 EUR 

Four little treats of caramel and sesame with a hint of honey .

Gingerbread Miellerie du Salagou

6.00 EUR 

A classic beekeepers pastry!
Honey based !

 Caramel Apples Cookies Miellerie du Salagou

5.50 EUR 

An original, the slight aroma of “tarte Tatin” biscuit, lightly sweetened with honey!

Crunchy almonds Biscuits Le Manoir des Abeilles

5.50 EUR 

Honey and orange "Nonette" Le Manoir des Abeilles

5.50 EUR 


Barnacle delicious honey , soft and fragrant with the sweetness of the orange !

Small cakes with honey Le Manoir des Abeilles

5.50 EUR