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Apricot-Nougat Jam Epicurien

6.00 EUR 

A jam that combines the sweet scent of apricot and the sweetness of the nougat.

Salted Butter Caramel cream Le Manoir des Abeilles

8.90 EUR 

Your taste buds will be charmed by this cream of salted butter caramel combined with good French honey.

Berries Jam Epicurien

6.90 EUR 

A perfect balance between flavors of red fruits.
Jam with 4 red fruits a tasty mixture: Black Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry and Currant.


3.90 EUR 

Spirit Jam Camargue: Apple, Pear, Caramel Fleur de Sel in 125g

Pear Jam with Dried Apricots and Honey Epicurien

4.00 EUR 

Association of pears, dried apricots and honey.

Raisiné jam Montpellier Epicurien

6.00 EUR 


This jam is a specialty of Montpellier, composed of all the autumn fruits .