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Salt appetizers

To spreads or for snacks, you share these salty delights with family or friends! Aubergine Caviar, onions confit and peppers' cream.
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Duo eggplant and peppers Epicurien

3.90 EUR 

Duo eggplant and peppers for your appetizers !

Artichoke and Truffle cream Epicurien

5.30 EUR 


4.90 EUR 

Duo olives and goat cheese

Courgettes with garlic Epicurien

4.50 EUR 

This duo of courgettes with garlic of Bear associates the fondant of the green zucchini with the refined taste of the yellow zucchini.

Antipasti with two tomatoes Epicurien

4.50 EUR 

Antipasti with two tomatoes the essential of the aperitif! Great classic of Mediterranean cuisine.