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Pure Propolis

Pure Propolis chunks Propolia

A propolis of exceptional purity, for many applications! 
12.00 EUR
16.40 USD

The best of Propolis

Unique in their kind, these propolis chunks cleaned of impurities, give to your body all of their natural assets.

Just keep in the mouth and knead one of those little bars : very quickly, the tingling characteristic of Propolis effect is felt. Without question, the best product to discover the strength of French Propolis.

Proud representative of the activity of Propolis, it's a product with many facets. Magic ? No, "Propolistic" !

Ingredients : 100% Purified Propolis

Guarantees :

Net weight : 
10g Precut plat whether 1200€/Kg
Ingredients : 
100% Purified Propolis.
Ingredients (continued) : 
To keep in the mouth 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on your need, or until its disintegration.
Directions of use : 
Use a bar Propolis 1g daily. Gently heat one of those little bars in the mouth before chewing: tingling characteristic and revealing the action of Propolis is felt.

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