Propolis has a wide application spectrum for human and its use for centuries shows the merits of these applications.

Propolis helps to strengthen the natural defences of the body and to fight against external aggression. 

The most common applications are undoubtedly targeted at ENT sphere (throat, mouth breathing) for which the covenant of honey and Propolis became a common use and skin benefits largely of it anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

More and more users boost their immune system in approach of winter and regularly consume a concoction of propolis. Propolis largely justifies its use for digestion, genito-urinary, local pain ... and even for bones and joints.

We found this amazing ingredient of the hive in many pharmaceutical preparations: mother tinctures, solutions, gums, chewing gums, syrups, capsules, tablets, balms , gels ... from the simplest to the most complicated, it only remains to test it!

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