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Honey candy  Confiserie Boudet

Natural honey sweets, available in 6 different flavors!
3.90 EUR
5.33 USD
Flavor :

Natural sweets made by artisan confectioner of Pezenas. These candies smell good the garrigue !

Sweet, flowery or more aromatic flavor you choose:
Honey Lozenges "nature", Honey-Propolis, Honey-Thyme, Honey-Lemon, Honey-Lavender, Rosemary Honey.
Ingredients (continued) : 
Sweets Honey / Rosemary: sugar, glucose, honey (11.76%), rosemary oil. Sweets Honey / Propolis: sugar, glucose, honey (11.76%), propolis (0.54%)
Ingredients : 
Honey Sweets: sugar, glucose, honey (12%). Candy honey / lemon: sugar, glucose, honey (11.76%), oil of lemon. Sweets Honey / Thyme: sugar, glucose, honey (11.76%), thyme oil. Sweets Honey / Lavender: sugar, glucose, honey (11.76%), lavender oil.
Net weight : 
150g bag

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