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Courgettes with garlic
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Salt appetizers

Courgettes with garlic Epicurien

This duo of courgettes with garlic of Bear associates the fondant of the green zucchini with the refined taste of the yellow zucchini.
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To sublimate this alliance, shards of almonds give crunch to the whole. Finally, the herbaceous and garlic touch brought by the garlic of Bear will finally convince you. You can use it in the composition of your verrines as an aperitif, on blinis with smoked salmon, fish papillote, pasta or even for stuffing a poultry.

Composition : Courgettes 37%, onions, sunflower oil, bear garlic 6%, cider vinegar, garlic, cane sugar, almonds, starch, salt, salt-confectioned lemons, thyme.

Direction of use: This product must be stored in the refrigerator before consumption for an optimal tasting

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