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Bees and Surgeon
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Bees and Surgeon Editions du rocher

Pr. Henri Joyeux
18.00 EUR
24.59 USD

Pr. HENRI JOYEUX, Surgeon Oncologist in Montpellier.

Do you know that bees are able to make vitamin C that you find in honey, pollen and royal jelly ? 
Do you know that bees have replaced the canary in the mine bottom, and have become the sentinel of modern environment ? 
Do you know that for the winter, if you're healthy, you can avoid the vaccine against flu by consuming daily a teaspoonful of Vital Energy : Honey + Propolis + Royal Jelly + Ginseng + Acerola + Papaya ?
Do you know the effects of honey to sleep better ?
Do you know that royal jelly is excellent for the growth of teenagers and even among the elderly who want to prevent Alzheimer ?
Do you know the royal jelly protein which plays a major role for cell proliferation-activated cell ?
Do you know that at least 780% of the plants are pollinated by bees and that 35% of our foods depends on their work ?

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