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Artichoke and Truffle cream
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Artichoke and Truffle cream Epicurien

Artichoke and Truffle Cream of Périgord
5.30 EUR 
7.24 USD 

The artichoke and Truffle cream is a delicacy exceptional. Serve cold on toast as an aperitif or in a glass.
You can also enjoy it with pasta ; or better yet to use as stuffing for homemade ravioli, it's delicious.
Ingredients (continued) : 
sel, poivre, acidifiant: lactique.
Ingredients : 
rtichaut 70,5%, huile de tournesol, ail, arôme, Truffes du Périgord (Tuber melanosporum) : 1,1%
Net weight : 
100g - Prix au kilogramme : 53€