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Find in this section preferred by consumers. Your "favorites" change with the seasons and this is why we will update this section regularly to better advise you in your choices.
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Royal Jelly Vials 1000mg Propolia

12.90 EUR 



The Propolia Royal Jelly Vials, your daily well-being with a sweet taste of honey and mango

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Lavander Honey Miellerie du Salagou
from 2.90€

Miellerie du Salagou

A soft honey with fruit flavors

Vital Energy Propolia
from 13.50€


All the benefits of products from the hive associated with plants, to boost your energy and to prevent external attacks.

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Organic Eye contour care Propolia

24.90 EUR 


A roll-on eyecare for a naturally sublimated gaze ...

Crispy Sesame Apidis

1.00 EUR 


Four little treats of caramel and sesame with a hint of honey .

Organic Mild Shampoo Propolia

9.90 EUR 


Sweet aromas of honey and coconut for organic shampoo with volumizing effects.

Propolis & Organic Fresh Oral Spray Propolia

11.50 EUR 

Gingerbread Miellerie du Salagou

6.00 EUR 

Miellerie du Salagou

A classic beekeepers pastry!
Honey based !

Sweet massage balm Propolia

12.90 EUR 



Meet the new massage care products from Propolia!
This balm invites you to a discovery of its sweet scent of red ruits and toffee.