Raspberry Mead on Boutique Abeille  Vinegar Honey on Boutique Abeille   Chewing gum Menthe Propolia   ULTRA Propolis Powder
Raspberry Mead
Raspberry & Honey
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  Vinegar Honey
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Propolis, Mint
& Licorise
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  ULTRA Propolis Powder
in 40g jar
100% Pure Micronized Propolis
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Gommes de Propolis de Propolia
Organic Hair Mask Propolia
Organic Mild Shampoo PropoliaMother Tincture of Propolia on Boutique Abeille
Propolis Lozenges
Honey & Eucalyptus
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Organic Hair Mask
Honey & Avocado Oil
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Organic Mild Shampoo
Honey & Bamboo Marrow
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Mother Tincture
21% of Propolis Purified
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Our selection

Body Lotion of Propolia on Boutique Abeille
Honey Lavender
Propolis Chunks Propolia on Boutique abeilleTonic Lotion
Body Lotion
Propolis & Karite
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Propolis Chunks
  100% of Purified Propolis
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Tonic Lotion
 Honey & Aloe Vera
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