The long-associated term exclusively to the treatment of certain diseases (mainly rheumatoid) with bee venom saw Apitherapy scope definition expanded considerably under the influence and leadership of many scientists worldwide, whose work has demonstrated the interest significant of products of the hive for human health.

Today, honey, propolis, royal jelly, pollen, beeswax and venom are well known for their benefits.

They are able to act in full synergy with each other and we note that in many cases their maximum efficiency is observed when they are used together.

Apitherapy is present in many different cultures:
  • During antiquity: Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Mayans... Less known than honey, propolis has been discovered and used since ancient times, like in ancient Egypt, where it was used in the holy ritual of mummification and embalming or for healing soldiers.
  • In Asia: as integral part of treatment advocated by traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine.
  • In Europe: more and more wanted to replace (with success!) treatment from the chemical industry.
  • In the United States: And America at large. Researchers and producers combine their knowledge to promote the properties of the products of the hive.

 We can consider 3 different spheres of action:

  • Well-being of the mouth and throat
  • Internal sphere (stomach, intestinal tract, circulation, cardiovascular system...)
  • Skin care and skin hygiene

Honey for example provides excellent results in surgery, allowing optimal healing.

Royal Jelly is used in the treatment of temporary depression and anorexia.
Pollen prevent from anaemia due to its high content of iron and enzymes that allow assimilation.           
Propolis has so many roles that would be impossible to make an exhaustive list: you find in the dedicated pages a little more information about its uses.

In the future Apitherapy should emancipate as a therapy in itself, as well as homeopathy or phytotherapy.

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