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Discover our new gourmet products and actives ... Let yourself be guided by our natural products, designed to revive your body and delight your taste buds.
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Mouthwash Propolia

12.80 EUR 

A clean and fresh mouth, all natural & Cosmos Organic certified !

Organic Propolis & Thyme soothing Oral Spray Propolia

11.10 EUR 

The most concentrated oral spray from the Propolia brand... in an organic formula!

Organic Chesnut Honey Propolia
from 4€30

A powerful honey.

Organic Linden honey Propolia
from 3€50

Fresh flowers pollen Propolia Propolia

12.90 EUR 

Discover Propolia® 's fresh multifloral pollen, from France !

Organic Orange tree Honey Propolia
From 3.50 €

Polyfloral dry pollen Propolia

11.90 EUR 

NEW : Discover Propolia® 's dry polyfloral pollen, made in France !

Certified Organic Active Soap Propolia

5.90 EUR 

Enjoy all the qualities of the hive ... 

Propolis Pastilles Propolia
from 5.2€

Honey Propolis Gums: a must for the mouth, available in 6 different flavors. For the whole family!
NEW ! Plum & Cherry