Our philosophy

Beekeepers at the beginning, real lovers of the bee, we always wanted to keep this "spirit of the hive", a constant need to synergistic contact with this incredible insect. Those of our clients who have already experienced this feeling know that it is difficult to describe with common words...

The simple act of beekeeping itself is such an important contribution to well-being for the beekeeper. It follows naturally from this unique relationship a love and almost unconditional passion for the Bee.

Of course, not everything is OK in this monarchical society. And it is not uncommon that the fascination and amazement replaces a strange feeling of anger against some implacable social behavior of bee colonies. It is interesting to note that if cohesive society, which with we can have such a strong relationship, also be so hard on his own kind!

But still, we are proud to belong to a craft as particular as exciting. And above all, we are very much attached to the Bee, who shows us every day how its benefits for humans are innumerable.

That’s why we are still so close to our colleagues beekeepers in the UNAF (French Union of Beekeepers of France), and campaigning for the protection of the bee: support local beekeeping, fighting against pesticides bee killer, fight for the diversity of cultures ... because our environment is a delicate balance, an ecosystem which the bee is an essential link, unsuspected sentinel general public.

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