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The Bee Shop is a small sales team that works to your well-being from the heart of the Hérault department.

Two small shops welcome you:

The Salagou Honey Farm

Clermont l’Herault
The Farm is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Salagou in Clermont l'Herault. A small tour shows the beekeeping material as well as extensive information on the Bee and Propolis.

This lake is a real charming place in our region, a place for walking or cycling, in the maze of narrow valleys carved by water, in a land rich in iron ocher (which gets its color from the oxidation of metal ): a beautiful landscape!

If one day when the level is low, you can see the tip of a tower burst from the center of the lake, do not be surprised ... because this lake is an artificial lake, and when it was created between 1964 and 1969 for the purpose of hydroelectric power plant (installed in the dam located at the eastern end of the lake), the village at the center of the valley was fully submerged ... but without any inhabitant, do not worry!

The Bee Shop

Saint Guilhem le Désert
Bee Shop ("La Boutique de l'Abeille"), who lent his name to our site, is open from the summer (it starts early, at home!) in Saint Guilhem-le-Desert, tourist spot full of history, at the small road along the canyon of the river Herault.

When you walk through the narrow streets of this village among the most beautiful in France, we advise you to visit Gellone Abbey, founded 804. Guardian of a relic of the Cross, the abbey is a must for pilgrims journeying to Santiago de Compostela ... or for simple lovers of sacred art!

The shop is also very close to the Abbey; on the road to Santiago... then to give you courage, do not hesitate to give you a little boost with our honeys!

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