Our history

The early days ...

The beekeeping story started 1978 to Marc-Alain Bernard's initiative, the current Chief Executive, when he was studying at Montpellier University, Arts and Sciences Department, and leave it for Campagnan, a little Occitan village.

As industrious person, he will have up to 600 ruches, but the drought period is too long for his beloved bees. They ultimately produce very little honey, not enough to ensure him a sufficient income.

A day of 1979, he found in a hive a fully mummified mouse ... Propolis covered. As curious person, he became interested in this material so far neglected by his colleagues and studies its properties: He is very quickly sure that Propolis is a real jewel and want to promote it by his clients.
The earliest Propolis extracts give the best of the material and he develops a key product, the Propolis Honey gums.

Mouse covered by propolis 

The Salagou Honey Farm

1989, we launch the Salagou Honey Farm in a new place, Clermont-l’Herault. This new challenge is quickly extended with a laboratory section, which call APIMAB.

The Honey Farm must expand and host 1997 the Apimab local offices. Some year later the online shop is inaugurated and work together with the honey farm.

Crowds interest for Propolis and laboratory activity grows. It appears necessary to separate the activity of the honey farm and the laboratory activity, with Propolis transformation, heart of Apimab business.

For obvious reasons of space, first of all, but also because more and more professionals and industrialists interested in Propolis: there must be a place that is specifically aimed at them! The current lab is built in 2006. The Honey becomes independent as a visit and sale point for individual clients.



Wishing to impart the benefits of bee products to an even greater tourist public, Marc-Alain Bernard opened 2012 a small shop under the stone vaults of St Guilhem le Desert, site of world heritage: the Bee Shop.

Linked with the honey farm, the two shops launch 2013 the online shop with the name of our loved and amazing insect …and here we are!
We are very pleased to introduce this new site, to you who follow us for so long, or to the newcomers, who have just discovered us. For all: Thank you, and good surfing!

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