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Blood Boosting Complex
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Blood Boosting Complex Propolia

For your circulatory system*

18.50 EUR  25.28 USD
14.90 EUR 20.36USD

A complementary prevention

Find in these tablets the expertise of traditional preparations for your circulation.

Enjoy the combination of French Propolis with plant extracts selected for their natural synergy... to maintain your daily activities !

* RICH IN C VITAMIN, contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels.

Main ingredients : Propolis, red vine, Marc rich raisin

Guarantees :

The daily intake for 3 tablets :

Propolis Extract450 mg
Including Propolis67.5 mg
Red vine Extract450 mg
Marc rich raisin extract150 mg
  Including Polyphénols75 mg
 Blackcurrants extract150 mg
 Lemon Extract150 mg
 C Vitamin90mg (112.5% AQR*)

Net weight : 
80 capsules jar - Net weight : 52 g whether 375€/Kg
Ingredients (continued) : 
C Vitamin (ascorbic acid), anti-caking : tricalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate from plant origin.

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