Vital Energy
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Energy & Vitality

Vital Energy Propolia

PROMOTION: LOT OF THREE ENERGIE VITALE TO 29.90 € instead of 37.50 €.

Promotion available from 20/09/2017 to 14/10/2017.

All the benefits of products from the hive associated with plants, to boost your energy and to prevent external attacks.

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Format :

Daily tonic

Vital Energy looks like honey ... but is much more active in its composition!

Particularly recommended for seasonal changes, Vital Energy is a concentrated product of the hive working in synergy with selected natural ingredients.

A really fortifying tonic, which will revive and delight your taste buds!

Actives : Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Acérola, Pawpaw, Ginseng.

Guarantees :

Net weight : 
120 g pot
Ingredients : 
Honey (41%), Wheat Syrup (gluten free), Propolis Extract (4.5%), Royal Jelly (3%), Extract Acerola standardized to 25% of Vitamin C (2%), Papaya Powder (1.5%), Ginseng Extract (0.8%)
Ingredients (continued) : 
Orange Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium).
Directions of use : 
A teaspoon (8g) every morning for a month and a half (or 3 pots). Stir well before use.

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