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P.A.P.A Capsules Propolia

Propolis, Clay, Pollen and Seaweed: This preventive complex will help your body defences.

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Prevent and Provide

With their rich composition of propolis, Clay, Pollen and Seaweed, these capsules are a pure product of nature, intended for your well being at mealtime.

Main Ingredients : Pure micronized Propolis (exclusive process), Green clay, Pollen, Seaweed (Lithothamnium calcareum).

Directions of use : 
Take 4 capsules at noon, 4 capsules at dinner, before meal. A long shot of a month is recommended
Ingredients : 
Extract of Propolis Pure Micronized, Green Clay, Pollen, Seaweed (Lithothamnium calcareum). Capsule shell: Gelatin and water.
Net weight : 
80 or 180 capsules jar - Net weight (80 capsules) : 34 g whether 350€/Kg - Net weight (180capsules) : 76 g whether 328.94€/Kg