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Throat and Health Syrup Propolia

A natural Propolis syrup, soothing your throat and contributing to your well-being.
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Support the day

It is a gentle formula to relieve throat and discomfort of irritation. Propolis, associated with Eucalyptus and Mauve, is particularly effective in this area.

You take the syrup in the morning and you start the day in form and serenity thanks to its efficiency and its pleasant taste!

Actives : Propolis, Honey, Hyssop, Thyme, Pine, Lavander anis, Purple, Violet, Eucalyptus.

Directions of use : 
Take one teaspoon (15 ml).
Ingredients : 
Wheat Syrup, Honey, Plant Extracts (Hyssop, Pine, Thyme, Lavender Anise, poppy, mullein, Purple, Violet), Purified extract of propolis, essential oils of Lemon, Pine, Eucalyptus and Thyme
Net weight : 
145 ml bottle

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