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Propolis & Thyme Oral Spray
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Mouth & Throat

Propolis & Thyme soothing Oral Spray Propolia

Without any doubt the most cleansing product for your throat.

9.90 EUR
13.53 USD

The radical “pschitt “

A concentrate efficiency with tested action.
This oral spray is a historical Propolia product: Thanks its highly concentrated formula combining thyme and propolis, this spray has an immediate action, thanks to the thyme and eucalyptus (soothing the throat and vocal chords).

This is by far the most radical treatment of this range!

Ingredients: Propolis extract (64%), Honey (34%), essential oil of Thyme, essential oil of eucalyptus.

Daily dose per 1,95 mL

Propolis extract1.39 mg
Honey714 mg
Essential oils
Thymus vulgaris L420 µg
Eucalyptus globulus Labill. 84 µg
Volume : 
20mL spray
Directions of use : 
3 sprays 4-5 times ŕ day

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