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 4 Seasons Balm Propolia
14.20 EUR 
Melting massage balms Propolia
12.90 EUR 

Ayurveda's traditions inspired Propolia to create 3 organic massage balms, made with beeswax, vegetable oils and perfumes that will take you to a delicious journey.
Vital Energy Propolia
from 13.80€ per jar

All the benefits of products from the hive associated with plants, to boost your energy and to prevent external attacks.
Royal Jelly Vials 1000mg Propolia
12.90 EUR 

The Propolia Royal Jelly Vials, your daily well-being with a sweet taste of honey and mango
Organic Relaxation and Sleep Infusion Propolia
6.70 EUR 

The sweet savors of propolis and plants are spreading to help you get a good night.
Organic Bee bread Propolia
9.90 EUR 

Pollen naturally mixed with honey !
Organic Propolis tincture Propolia
15.20 EUR 

All the quality of Propolia's formulas, with an organic certification
Mouthwash Propolia
12.80 EUR 

A clean and fresh mouth, all natural & Cosmos Organic certified !
Body care selection Propolia
24.90 EUR 
A nice body care selection in a little organic cotton bag  !
Flower pollen Propolia
11.90 EUR 

A small daily organic pleasure !
Organic Intimate Hygiene Gel Propolia
14.20 EUR 

Comfort and softness for your privacy !
Organic Digestion Infusion Propolia
7.00 EUR 

Sweet flavor and a unique formula containing propolis and plants. To help you digest!
Pure Organic Propolis chunks Propolia
15.20 EUR 

A propolis selected for its quality and purity, crafted in an exclusive one-dose shape. 
Organic Mild Shampoo Propolia
10.20 EUR 

Sweet aromas of honey and coconut for organic shampoo with volumizing effects. Available in different sizes !
Propolis and Eucalyptus Purifying Nasal Spray Propolia
8.70 EUR 

All the purifying power of propolis in a spray for immediate action.
Tonic Potion Propolia
12.80 EUR 

Tonic Potion, the perfect companion to your days throughout the year !

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