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Ultra Propolis Capsules
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Pure Propolis

Ultra Propolis Capsules Propolia

ULTRA Propolis Capsules without charcoal

SALES : 2 big jars for 39.90€ !

from 13.5€
Format :

All the intensity of Propolis

With ULTRA Propolis Capsules, find the guarantees of Propolia® expertise. Thanks to an unique purification process, the ULTRA capsules bring you the whole intensity of Propolis.

SALES : 2 big jars (180 capsules) for 39.90€ !

Main ingredient : 100% Pure Micronized Propolis

Directions of use : 
Take 8 capsules per day (4 at lunchtime, 4 in the evening) before meals. For maximum effectiveness, take for at least 1 month

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